Question : Facebook button alignment

First of all, incredible plugin - the only one actually that works.
It was everything perfect, but today, it shows the facebook part 10-20 pixels to the right, out of alignment from the rest of the buttons.
I entered your site, and the problem is the same.
You can see the attached image, first bar is from your site, second is from mine.
Please help me put it back where it belongs!


You can style every button separately, because every button has a id attribute:
<div id="stbfb" class="stbbtnstyle"> - Facebook
<div id="stbgo" class="stbbtnstyle"> - Google +
<div id="stbtw" class="stbbtnstyle"> - Twitter
<div id="stbli" class="stbbtnstyle"> - Linkedin
<div id="stbbu" class="stbbtnstyle"> - Buffer
In this particular case You need to go to the plugin manager and open the ShareThisBar plugin page.

In the parameter section "Bar style" find parameter "Bar style" and at the bottom of the CSS style existing in that field, add following :

#stbfb span {margin-left:-40px;}
(Don't forget to click the Save button after changes)

Perhaps 40px is not the value which will be appropriate for your case, but you can try another value which is the most suitable for you.

Question : PHP Strict errors, 23. march 2015.

Hi Team –

I am also getting errors on my website –

Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /home/influm7z/public_html/plugins/system/sharethisbar/sharethisbar.php on line 270

Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /home/influm7z/public_html/plugins/system/sharethisbar/sharethisbar.php on line 327

Please help me with some work around. I am on Joomla 2.5 already.



* I’ve changed the plugin, You can download the changed version.

* Also, in file plugins/system/sharethisbar/sharethisbar.php, You can find all occurrences :

$document = & JFactory::getDocument();

$document = &JFactory::getDocument();

, and delete &.

* Another solution, if You already haven’t done this, is to go to Global Configuration --> Server Tab --> Find “Error Reporting” and set the error reporting to None.