1. Download the ShareThisBar Plugin for Joomla™ from our website, choose the adequate Joomla version, version 1.6, 1.7 or 2.5.

  2. Login to the your Joomla site backend and click on the menu: Extensions > Extension Manager.

  3. On the submenu install click on the Browse button and find the recently downloaded plugin zip file on your computer. After you have selected the plugin ziped installation file click on the Upload & Install button.

    If everything is ok, you should see this screen(Installing Plugin was Successful):

  4. Select the submenu Plugin Manager under the menu Extensions.

  5. To easily find your new plugin, you can type ShareThisBar in the Filter field and click Go or click on the Select Type field(drop-down box) and choose the system type plugins, to narrow your choice down.

  6. Find and click on the Sytem - ShareThisBar plugin to open the plugin cofiguration page so you can modify the plugin parameters.

  7. First thing you must do is to enable the plugin.

  8. Now you can click on the ShareThisBar plugin to enter into the ShareThisBar plugin configuration page again and start tweaking its parameters.

    MPORTANT - Since plugin version 3.0, there is no more need to look for reference div for the ShareThisBar social media plugin for Joomla to work. Reference div plugin parameter is no longer needed. As soon as you install the ShareThisBar social plugin and enable it - it works. A few minor adjustments could be needed to tweak the ShareThisBar position correction parameters.

    DEPRECATED since plugin version 3.0: Most important thing for the ShareThisBar plugin to show up is to choose the adequate reference DIV html page element, which id attribute you must enter into the Reference div id plugin parameter.

    It's not complicated but for this task we will need the browser add on, the Firebug(available for the Firefox. For the Google Chrome I'll explain separately).

    The articles explaining how to find the reference div and set the other plugin parameters are in the articles named:
    Finding reference div with Firefox browser
    Finding reference div with Google Chrome browser
    Tweaking ShareThisBar configuration options.